Mission Statement
— Integritas seeks greater accountability in humanitarian assistance provided to forcibly displaced people. This must include fully recognising people’s dignity, whereby they continue to have choices despite the upheaval they are currently living through.
— Integritas is guided by international solidarity and is compassionately dedicated to empower local and national civil society groups to advocate successfully for the respect of the rights of forcibly displaced people.

Over the past decades, the humanitarian sector has grown in scope and complexity. Natural disasters and conflicts are forcing millions of people to flee their homes to seek protection and assistance to survive.

Various governments, United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organisations, and national and local civil society groups plan and conduct life-saving interventions, providing food, water and sanitation, basic housing, emergency medical care, and education.

Lessons learned from field experience and policy reflections have produced international standards to ensure that people’s needs are met. In practice, this is not always the case. This is not only due to funding shortfalls. Quite frequently major gaps in assistance come from a failure to do what was promised and/or to find out what is most relevant to the affected people.

Out of our frustration of seeing so many such examples over the last 20 years, we at Integritas would like to work together with local, national, and international individuals and organisations to ensure that the people forced to flee their homes receive greater attention and more appropriate assistance from humanitarians.

INTEGRITAS is convinced that affected populations are too often seen as mere recipients of services – passive beneficiaries whose own perceptions of their needs are not taken into account sufficiently. At times, even existing local and national groups, whether secular or religious, do not see themselves as defenders of the rights of forcibly displaced people.

At INTEGRITAS we want to help rectify those failures, with an emphasis on recognising the dignity of the forcibly displaced.